NFT Marketplace Public Beta Tutorial

YetiSwap NFT Marketplace public beta has begun. Please follow these steps and if you find any error or bug please send your error/bug report to [email protected] mail addresses with a detailed explanation like how you get it when you get it if it’s related to your transaction which blocks and whats the transaction hash etc.cls

Step 1:
Setup your Metamask wallet to Avalanche Fuji Testnet:
Helping document:

Fuji testnet settings:

Network Name: Avalanche FUJI C-Chain
ChainID: 0xa869
Symbol: AVAX
Block Explorer URL:

Step 2:
Fund your wallet with Testnet Avax coin from the Test Network Faucet at

Step 3:
Connect your metamask wallet to public beta website :
Get Testnet YTS Token from :

Don’t forget you will only get 1 time 5000 YTS

Step 4 (Optional):
You can add test YTS to your metamask with the explanations in the “How to add a custom token?” section in this article ;

Test YTS contract address : 0xbd405AA77E50085706040c66E79c1CE78E7f4861

Step 5:
Start testing YetiSwap NFT Marketplace from :

YetiSwap Team